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Christina Stead Prize for Fiction, New South Wales Premier’s Literary Award for Locust Girl. A Lovesong, 2016

Juan C. Laya Philippine National Book Award (Best Novel in English) for Locust Girl. A Lovesong, 2016 and Fish-Hair Woman, 2014


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Locust Girl is a transfiguring fiction that asks the reader to reflect on, and see into the hearts and lives of, those whom political systems and nations label outsiders. … There were many fine and stylistically accomplished works among this year’s entries, but the distinctiveness, sweep and visual power of this short novel set it apart. Bobis’ fabulist, indeed fabulous, narrative enables the reader to imagine what it might look, smell and feel like to be treated as less than fully human.’
- Judges’ comments, Christina Stead Prize, 2016

‘Merlinda Bobis’s Fish-Hair Woman is a superb novel ... Written in beautifully lush, yet sharply focused language this tour de force is a tragic tale of a family destroyed during the “total war’’ ... Balancing the evocation of the fecund world being fought over is an angry rigour. The story never defects to the easy resolution but maintains its tragic intensity throughout.’
- The Australian, 2012




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