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  Pag-uli, Pag-uwi, Homecoming (trilingual poetry collection)  

The SolBanPag-uli, Pag-uwi, Homecoming

University of Santo Tomas Publishing House, Manila, 2004




dusong kasinkinis
kan gapo

dusong minagatok
na sanribong tataramon
na nawaran nin nguso


sakit na singkinis
ng bato

sakit na sumasambulat
na sanlaksang salitang
walang bibig


grief as smooth
as stone

grief that shatters
into a thousand words
without mouth


In her three tongues (Bikol, Pilipino and English) and line drawings, Merlinda resurrects old voices and images from her first heart, first home. About this return, she writes:

I come home stuttering, but I try. I even try to evoke in English the lilt of the old voices, their taste on the tongue. But the timbre of old loves is elusive and nostalgia can be a curse. It is wiser to make the most of wintering with the new sweetheart. English prose. But I know, try as I do, this English that I need to love more because of the demand of domicile, this English that has opened secret doors for me can never begin to comprehend how, at times —

napuputot an bayawas sa sakuyang puso.
(the guava unripens in my heart.)




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