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Cantata of the Warrior Woman Daragang Magayon /
Kantada ng Babaing Mandirigma Daragang Magayon
(bilingual epic poem for performance)


Cantata of the Warrior Woman Daragang Magayon

Institute of Women’s Studies
St. Scholastica’s College, Manila, 1997, 1993


Ang lipad ay awit
sa apat na hangin.
Ngunit di umaawit
ang panlimang hangin.

Flight is song
on four winds.
But the fifth wind
does not sing.

With the impending wind of war, sixteen-year old princess Daragang Magayon prepares for battle in this epic re-invention of the myth of the active volcano, Mayon, in Bobis’ home province. The myth is about the tragic princess sacrificed for her father and tribe, but as Bobis writes in the preface:

When I considered the mountain more closely … I thought I heard rumours from her wounds of many eruptions. Ancient storylines different from those I had been told as a child. She was singing them.

I listened and began to sing with her.






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