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  ang lipad ay awit sa apat na hangin /
flight is song on four winds
(bilingual poetry collection)

Institute of Women’s Studies
St. Scholastica’s College Manila, 1991, 1990


Forty poems, perhaps for singing with the wind — in Pilipino and English, Merlinda Bobis sings from falling in love to the social and political exigencies of her times.

Mula Sa Selda Nuwebe

hindi hubad ngayong gabi
itong pader na itim.
nagbihis bigla ng munting bituin,
nang butasin ng iyong titig
ang lamig ng kongkreto—
sige, kukuskusin ko ng mata ang siwang
na para bang amuleto,

bukas, bukas,
mahuhusto dito
ang humuhulagpos tang mundo.

From Cell Nine

it is not bare tonight,
this black wall.
it suddenly wore a tiny star,
when you stared a hole
on the cold concrete—
all right, i shall rub the crack with the eye
as if it were some amulet.

tomorrow, tomorrow,
our world struggling to be free
will pull through here.






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